What is Coir?

Coir is natural fiber extracted from the husks of coconut.

Is Coir mat same as Coco mat?

Most countries in the world call Coir mat for the welcome doormat made of coconut fiber. In the United States, it is commonly called as Coco mat. Some European countries call it Koko mat.

Is the Coco mat durable?

Yes, the Coco mat is a durable mat made of resilient coconut fibers which springs back to normal shape after scrubbing dirty shoes. They should last for a very long time and some high grade mats last for years.

How do you clean the coco mat?

It is very easy to clean the coco mat – simply shake the dirt out and vacuum. The debris collected by scrubbing the dirty shoes are collected within the fibers and kept hidden within them. Some coco mat without the rubber or vinyl backing will collect the dirt under the mat which needs to be swept or vacuum clean.


Is it safe to place them outdoors?

Yes, coco mats are meant to be placed outdoors to prevent dirt going inside the home. If the mats have printed designs, it is suggested to placed them in a sheltered area or covered porch so the printed matter is protected from accelerated fading.

Will moisture affect the coco mat?

Coir mats are made of natural fibers and will absorb moisture which will dry on its own from sun. However, if the coir mat has printed matter, it is recommended to place them in a sheltered area.

Does the Coco mat shed?

Yes, like all natural fiber products such as wool, cotton, jute etc.. coco mat will also shed. This is a common characteristic of all natural fiber products. Shedding is heavy during the early period of use and will eventually be minimal as time goes by.

Other Questions

Are Coco mats all the same?

No, Coco mats (coir mats) are made of several grades – some made on hand-woven looms, some tufted by hand on special frames, some made on power looms with pvc backing and some made with natural / re-cycled rubber backing. These different grades also vary in cost and thickness. We offer all these various grades in our collection in the best quality for your satisfaction.

Do Coco mats come only in one size?

No, they come in a large number of sizes – however, the largest selling size in the US market is the 18” x 30” size suitable for a single entry door home. Some mats are offered in multiple sizes up to 72”.

How does Coco mat compare with other mats in the market?

This is an interesting question for much debate, but the fact is thousands of coconut fibers embedded into the mat is far superior in brushing off dirt, slush and mud, very much like a brush that cleans the many household items or even a broom.